A Different Consulting Experience

Davis, Sharon-04 STD WEB


A Different Experience 

Dr. Davis’ Quality Solutions for Nursing Education offers a variety of consulting activities, depending on your program’s particular needs. While one time, on-site work-shops are always available on an issue or topic of your choosing, Dr. Davis also provides up-front “work” for you and your program based on confidential communications and assessments of program concerns as determined by you. Preliminary project outlines and plans are a part of the consulting presentation with you and your faculty and others of your choosing. She will also continue to work with you for the timely completion of a project or make a second (or more, if needed), site visit to bring the project to completion. Follow-up evaluation and “tweaking” are considered a part of the process, if you so choose.

In addition to program-specific consulting work, Dr. Davis will also work with you, as available, on a retainer basis for long-term projects, needs, and issues. Fees negotiable for all custom work.