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Common Concerns for Deans

Frequent Concerns for Deans and Directors *Admission criteria, processes, and procedures; *Student orientation; *Student policies and procedures; *Student testing practices; *Establishing and tracking student requirements and progress; *Faculty policies; and, *Departmental workflow. Dr. Davis will develop consults individualized for you and your faculty based on your prioritized needs. <b> </b>  

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development and Evaluation *Developing a program philosophy and conceptual or organizing framework; *Operationalizing program concepts and frameworks; *Establishing and evaluating Graduate Outcomes; *Establishing and evaluating Program Outcomes; *Determining the continuity, sequence, and organization of psychomotor, affective, and cognitive student objectives; *Establishing and evaluating course performance standards across the curriculum; and, *Developing a curriculum evaluation plan. Dr. Davis had the privilege of having Dr. Imogene King as her professor for all of her nursing education courses at the University of South

Program Accreditation

  Program Accreditation *Pre-accreditation planning; *Standards review and compliance; *Institutional preparation; *Department, faculty, student, and clinical facility preparation; *Documentation; * Preparing, organizing, and writing the SSR/required documents. As Dr. Davis has served as an accreditation site visitor for nursing, as well as having served as her former institution’s compliance chair for institutional reaccreditation, she is well-versed in accreditation standards, self-study preparation, and site-visit planning.      

Student Evaluation

  Student Policies and Procedures  *Classroom behavioral and clinical expectations; *On-campus and clinical dress codes; *Clinical failures; *Cheating policies; *Requirement policies for course books and documents; *Progression policies, standards and procedures; and, *Pre-orientation “boot-camp.”  Broad experience in numerous and varied student concerns lead Dr. Davis to select nursing student professional socialization as her dissertation topic. A result of this work is a model of nursing professionalism that may work for your program and your students. A presentation of this concept